Skiing Penguins and Snowmen

Years and years ago we made skiing penguins in my kindergarten class, and it was so fun. It took me a while to figure out how we did it, and I’ve got the directions here.

These are great for teaching winter themes: snow, winter animals, even the concepts of up and down.

My little guy was entranced by the skiers and played with them for hours, both on and off the slopes.

poster board
markers or crayons
pipe cleaners
hole punch
roll of white paper
popsicle sticks: two for each character you make

1. Draw simple penguins and snowmen on poster board. The penguin is just an oval. I drew and colored these, but when he’s older my son will enjoy making his own.

2. Cut them out.
3. Punch two holes in the bottom, at least half an inch from the edge.
4. Cut two pieces of pipe cleaner, 3 to 4 inches long.
5. Put each piece of pipe cleaner through the holes, wrapping one end around the other. Leave room to bend one end forward for the “feet”.

6. Tape the “feet” to two popsicle sticks, or “skis”.

7. Using the roll of paper, tape one end to the edge of a table or shelf, something sturdy that the kids can reach.
8. Tape the bottom of the paper down too.

9. Put your skiers on the top and you’re ready for fun!

My little guy loved the skiers. He played with them off and on the slopes all day. At first I was worried I’d made the slope too wide…

…but he solved the problem himself by climbing up onto his little table.

First he pushed them hard and fast, but by letting him play on his own, he figured they skied better when he pushed them slowly.

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