Questions and activities to go with the book, Yes Day by Amy Krouse Rosenthal


Before reading the book:
What do you think this books going to be about?
Look at the boy on the cover. How does he feel? Why do you think he’s so happy?

After Reading:
Is Yes Day a good idea?
Why would it be a bad idea?

Why do you think the parents gave this boy a Yes Day? (explore the end pages with the children for all the ways grown ups say “No.”)

Is pizza for breakfast a bad idea?

Is a food fight a bad idea?
Where would be a good place to have a food fight? Where would be a bad place? How could you make sure no one gets hurt during a food fight?

What would you ask for on Yes Day?

What should the grown ups always say “No” to?



  1. Make a class list of Yes Day requests. 
  2. Make a T-Chart of Yes Day requests, some that would be appropriate and some that wouldn’t be. 
  3. Role-play various Yes Day scenarios. Discuss the good and bad that might happen with each request. What would happen if the kids asked for…
  • No chairs in the classroom
  • No teacher
  • A kid to be the teacher for the day
  • Recess all day
  • Do all the writing in markers
  • Pour the glue all over the table

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