Books and Songs on YouTube Can Increase Reading Skills

YouTube Videos for Early Readers

*Always preview YouTube links before showing them to your kids. Check the video for words changed into inappropriate words as well as foul language in the comments. I don’t know what’s wrong with people. *Also beware of ads placed on some of these videos as they can also be inappropriate. **ALWAYS PREVIEW!

Songs on YouTube

Songs with visible lyrics are great for getting kids reading. Print out the lyrics for them to read while they sing too! You can find some of my printable lyrics under the Learning to Read Through Songs tab.

Disney Sing Along Songs Channel These are great. And FREE! There are about 15, here are two:

  • Muffin Songs Channel Some have lyrics, some don’t. Some phonics songs, some classic songs.
  • Schoolhouse Rock Channel Some of these will definitely be over the heads of the little ones, but my first graders LOVED the Noun and Adjective songs
  • KidsTV123 So many cute learning songs for kids 2 to 7. Everything from alphabet and shapes to Brushing your Teeth and Countries of the World.
  • HooplaKidz Lots of really cute songs here, some with lyrics, some without. (Although I really hate it when something specifically for children is purposely spelled wrong. Pet peeve.)
*For More Check out the Songs to Increase Reading Skills tab.

Books on YouTube

Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes

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