Talent Show and Program Ideas

For PreK, Kinder and 1st graders

First Graders performing I Just Can’t Wait to Be King

My classes have always participated in the Talents Shows or Programs and sometimes it’s difficult to find a performance for them that isn’t too hard, complicated or disastrous.  

Here is a list of what’s worked for me, and my coworkers in the past, plus a few we plan on trying out in the future.

Disney Songs
My class easily learned these by watching Disney Sing Along Songs on YouTube or video with the captions on and printed lyrics.

In Summer
Frozen Soundtrack
How cute would the kids look dressed up as snowmen singing In Summer?!
Costumes: Any white clothing, scarves, hats, mittens. Carrot noses are a must when dressing up like Olaf. Rubber noses can be found on Amazon here, but it would be a lot cheaper to make orange cones from construction paper or fun foam.  

I Just Can’t Wait to be King
Sing Along Songs: The Lion King
CD: CD: Classic Disney, Vol. 1: 60 Years of Musical Magic
I tried to get the kids to only sing Simba’s lines and not the bird’s but that didn’t work so well. In the end it didn’t matter. They were still super cute. And they added in the foot stomp themselves.
Costumes: We made lion masks out of paper plates and the kids wore

Everybody Wants to be a Cat
Sing Along Songs: The Lion King and Sing Along Songs: The Bare Necessities
CD: Disney’s Greatest Hits Vol. 3
Costumes: Cat masks or cat ears and painted on whiskers. Match brown, gray, black or white ears with their ears.

I Got No Strings from Pinocchio
Sing Along Songs: You Can Fly
Costumes: Blue or red shorts, white uniform shirts, suspenders, make yellow hats, draw marionette lines on their faces. 

The Bare Necessities
Sing Along Songs: The Bare Necessities
CD: Disney’s Greatest Hits Vol. 2
Costumes: All brown, black or white with bear ears, or bear masks.

The Ugly Bug Ball 
Sing Along Songs: The Bare Necessities
CD: Classic Disney, Vol. 1: 60 Years of Musical Magic
This adorable song is from the Disney movie Summer Magic.
Costumes: So cute with the kids dressed up as bugs. 

Little ones love being on stage. 

Dr. Jean Songs
Check out her website for lyrics and movements to go with the songs.

My Mother Was a Baker  
CD: Dr. Jean and Friends
Our biggest hit ever from the school Talent Show 4 years ago. 
Costumes: The kids wore uniform pants and shirts they’d painted in art class.

Patalina Matalina 
CD: Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs
Costumes: A coworker of mine did this with kinders and dressed them up in beach wear: flip flops, board shorts, rash guards, even a few hula skirts.

Bringing Home A Baby Bumblebee 
CD: Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs
Costumes: Kids could wear black and/or yellow. Bee wings and antennae, or just be dressed as kids.  

Five Little Monkeys 
CD: Dr. Jean and Friends
Costumes: brown shirts, monkey ears can easily be made with headbands and fun foam.

Mother Goony Bird 
CD: Dr. Jean and Friends
Costumes: Anything!

A Tooty Ta 
CD: Dr. Jean and Friends
Nothing looks more bizarre than watching kids do this. Its even more fun to get the kids in the audience to do it with them. 
Costumes: tie-dyed shirts, uniforms, rainbow shirts, hawaiian shirts, whatever’s easiest. 

Children’s Favorites by Disney, Volume 1
I love this CD because I had it as a kid and I still remember all the songs.

I’m a Policeman
Costumes: Dress kids up in black or blue with those badge stickers the police or firemen hand out. Make a Police hat like this one. http://www.dariendotmom.com/blog/pinteresting_dotmom/diy-police-hat-cops-robbers-birthday-party/

Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Costumes: Baseball uniforms, baseball shirts and caps and jeans.

This Old Man (Knick-Knack Patty-Whack) 
Kids love singing this song. It’s a great counting song, easy to make up hand motions. 
Costumes: Anything!

Other Songs
If I Only Had a Brain from The Wizard of Oz
This came out so cute, even though the song was really hard for them to learn. 
Costumes: dressed as scarecrows: jeans, overalls, flannel shirts, floppy hats, etc.

You’ll Sing A Song and I’ll Sing a Song 
CD: Ella Jenkins; You’ll Sing A Song and I’ll Sing a Song
Just a beautiful song–especially precious with little voices. 
Costumes: Anything!

Rainbow Songs
I Can Sing a Rainbow here
Rainbow Connection: The Muppet Show: Music, Mayhem, and More! CD
Somewhere Under the Rainbow: Wizard of Oz Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD
Costumes: Divide kids into 6 groups: one group is red, one orange, one yellow, one green, one blue and one purple. You can either have kids bring in their color shirt, or bring in a white t-shirt to be dyed. 

*Performance Tip: No matter what the kids do, the parents and audience will laugh because the kids are going to be so stinkin’ adorable. However that can upset little ones who think they’re getting laughed at. I always tell the kids before the performance that people often laugh when they see something that is cute. So when they hear the audience laughing, it’s because they’re cute and they’re doing a good job. 

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