Get Simple
If you’ve got multiple teachers to buy for make this is as easy as possible for yourself. 
Gift Cards. ALWAYS a favorite with teachers. Don’t worry about the amount. $5, $25, whatever you can afford will greatly be appreciated by teachers. 

  • $5 or $10 Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts (or whichever coffee place is closest to the school) in a cute mug.
  • $10 to Barnes and Noble or Amazon stuck in a kid-made card.
  • $10 to Godiva — Seriously, one of the favorite gift cards I’ve EVER received from a parent. I got $25 and it took me months to use up. It was awesome.
  • $25 to $50 to a teacher store such as Lakeshore. (That stuff is expensive, but great.)

Get Specific
Think about the special relationship your child had with their teacher. Did they connect over a favorite book, are they both art lovers, or math people? Do they both love dogs or the color pink? One year I helped a child deal with the death of a beloved pet. Later that year her parents gave me a plush dog.

Get Creative
Some of the best gifts are homemade!
Think about having your child make a card, a small gift or ornament. Check out these cute ideas:

Go With the Theme
Lots of Classrooms have a decorative theme. My classroom theme alternates from Moose to Superheroes. I’ve gotten several cute plush moose or moose figurines from students. I’ve also gotten a few wonderful superhero storybooks. *Be careful with this one. I had a friend who had WAYYYY too many frogs. 

  • If the theme is an animal, such as bears, rabbits, frogs, etc give a gift card to Build-A-Bear so they can make their own mascot for the class.
  • Instead of stuffed animals or figurines, look for books that go with the theme. 

Create Your Own Theme
I love theme gifts! So fun. 

  • Coffee Theme: a gift card, a mug, a bag of flavored coffee, a bottle of Torani Syrup, biscotti
  • Pet Theme: (if you know how big their pet is) A new leash and collar, a box of treats or specialty dog cookies, toys, books, etc.
  • Pampering Theme: bubble bath, loofah, pedicure set, body cream, Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes
  • Date Night Theme: Popcorn, popcorn seasoning, gift card to Red Box or a movie theater, large boxes of candy, cute popcorn containers.
  • Sports Theme: Local sports team memorabilia, such as a hat or T-shirt. Mini balls, a pack of sports cards, etc. If it’s baseball, add a box of Cracker Jacks. 
  • Cooking Theme: wooden spoons, mixing bowls, dish towels, specialty mixes such as pancake and waffle mix, dip mix or soup mix, 
  • Gardening Theme: a gardening gift basket filled with things such as gloves, tools, gardening tool caddy, seeds, bulbs or live plants. (We moved into a house with tons of hydrangeas all over the yard. The previous owner was a kindergarten teacher and the hydrangeas were all gifts from her students. years later they were a beautiful reminder to her of those students, and now we get to enjoy them!)

Give to the Whole Class
Books! Books! Books!
A nice box set or a beautiful hardback picture book is something the whole class will enjoy. Don’t worry if it’s a book the class already has. Books wear out. Multiple copies mean more than one kid can look at it at a time. Some great books as gift ideas:

Get Office Supplies
My favorite pens ever were a gift a received from a parent (who was also a teacher). The sharpie retractable pens. I love those things, but probably wouldn’t have spent the money on them myself. Here are some office supply ideas:

Support Small Business Crafters
Look for cute gifts at local Craft Shows, or search for personalized gifts.
Some of my favorites:

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