The Monster at the End of This Book

Questions to ask during and after reading: 

  • Why is Grover scared?
  • What kind of animal is Grover?
  • What color is Grover? What color is his nose?
  • Is Grover a nice monster or a mean monster?
  • Why are some words in the story big and some words are little?
  • Why doesn’t Grover want you to turn the page?
  • How does he feel when we turn the page?
  • How does Grover try to stop us from turning the page? 

  • monster
  • book
  • brick wall
  • end
  • scared
  • lovable
  • embarrassed
  • heavy, thick, solid, strong

Activity Ideas:

  • Make a Grover Paper Craft (sample coming soon)
  • Make a Grover Puppet: blue felt or an old blue sock, a pink puff ball and some googly eyes are all you need.
  • Draw a picture of Grover doing something in the book.
  • Use legos to build a brick wall like Grover did.
  • Buy some Grover stickers, like these and use them in a picture.
  • Print out several Grover coloring pages and make a book. It can be the same story or their own story. (see links for coloring pages below)
  • Grover has several alter egos. Super Grover, Dr. Grover, Marshall Grover, etc. Play dress up and pretend like Grover does.



In this video Grover reads this story aloud is hilarious. It’s great for early readers too because the text is highlighted and they can follow along. **This a fabulous story for helping increase fluency as Grover’s emotions are all over the place. 

You can also down the app for $4.99 and if you have a subscription to Sesame Street ebooks it’s there too. 


Coloring Pages:

Text Connections:
What to read next? There are tons of cute Grover books. Here are a few favorites:

Video Games:


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