Easy Way to Teach Color Words

Color words are among the first words kids learn to read — and that’s important. I’ve rarely seen a kindergarten or 1st grade reading test that didn’t have at least one color word.

A fun way to teach kids color words is to let them “color by word.” And making your own is super easy.

Color by Word example.

You can do this in two ways, write the color words on the pages, or make a number code with the key at the bottom.

I’ve done this with coloring books, or printed free coloring pages. This is a great reward for kids because they can tell you what characters they want to color. (This is how I learned about Winx, Pocoyo and Ben 10.)

These sites offer free coloring pages.



*For stronger readers, make your own “Color by Sight Word” pages, or “Read and Follow Directions” pages.

Color By Sight Word Examples:

example 1

example 2

Follow Directions Examples:

example 1

example 2

example 3

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