I was looking at the books at Costco the other day and saw some great ideas for Christmas gifts, especially for kids who love to read. I snapped a few pictures but there was A LOT more–and the prices were awesome.

Here are just a few of the deals I found:

Adorable Plush Storybooks. Soft and cuddly creature with a story inside! The pages are made of cloth so this is a wonderful, literary gift for an infant or toddler. At my Costco there were only the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Olivia, but I wonder if other Costcos have something different…

Even boys love books–and even girls love Star Wars. This pack of 6 readers is only $9.99. That’s a better price than Scholastic. Less than $2 a book. They were shrunk-wrapped but going by DK’s usual readers, I’d put these at a late-1st grade/2nd grade reading level.

Pop-Ups! I could never buy these for the classroom–too many little hands can destroy pop-up books. But kids love them. These are beautiful versions of classic stories. (Yes, Star Wars is a classic. It is!)

Dr. Seuss Beginner Books packs. Three hard cover books for $10.99. No classroom or child’s room is complete without these classics. Costco sells a variety of these packs, including other authors in the Beginner Books series, like P.D. Eastman.
Early Reader Box Sets. These are very popular with my 1st graders when we do book orders, and Costco has them at a great price. Sets I saw included Star Wars, Barbie, Thomas the Tank Engine, BOB books, Dr. Seuss and Hello Kitty. These sets are great for early readers and often emphasize skills such as chunks, long vowels and rhyming. 

Christmas Record-a-Stories! Okay, there were other Record-a-Story books, but the 60s Christmas classics were too cute! What a great addition to a fun Christmas Tradition. 

If you don’t have a Costco (or Sam’s or BJ’s) there are other inexpensive ways to give books as gifts. The book order forms teachers send home are almost always a great deal–plus they’re always on trend with what’s popular and current in your child’s world. Half Price and used book stores often have new and “like new” books. As long as they’re in good shape, children won’t care if their used. Plus, used books are the ultimate recycling. 

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