Medieval History: Our Favorite Fiction Books

We are learning about the Middle Ages using Curiosity Chronicles Snap Shots of Medieval History (affiliate link). You can use coupon code CSHouse for an additional 5% off.

We especially love the CC audiobook, which is great at explaining history in ways kids can understand—but it can still be pretty abstract. It’s hard to imagine what life was like in another time and place. The food, education, clothing, wars, plagues, and societal restrictions feels so far removed from their everyday life.

We use non-fiction books, art, and documentaries to solidify their learning, however, adding a literature component gives another layer of context. Characters the kids relate to who are going through something they definitely can’t relate to, increases understanding as well as empathy.

Dash once said to me, “I like History because it’s like entering a new world. And it makes me happy that I’m not living in that world!”

Here are our favorite fiction books to pair with a Unit on Medieval History: (Amazon Associates program disclosure below)

Here are two series that we also recommend:

  • Max and the Midknights series by Lincoln Pierce

Let us know in the comments below if you have any medieval history fiction book recommendations!

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