*1st Grade Language Arts PRINTABLES

*1st Grade Language Arts PRINTABLES

Main Idea Practice

Main Idea Bike
Main Idea Cat
Main Idea Dance
Main Idea Swim
Main Idea Glasses
Main Idea Puppy
Main Idea Baseball
Main Idea Boat
Main Idea Lunch

*Do you like these and need more? Email me: wildrumpusschoolhouse@gmail.com

Comprehension Pages

These are great for testing days or sub plans. Start off the year doing them whole group, and by the 2nd semester many of the kids will be able to do them on their own.

Sleeping Beauty–any version
Where the Wild Things Are –Maurice Sendak
How to Catch A Star–Oliver Jeffers
Unlovable–Dan Yaccarino
Six-Dinner Sid–Inga Moore
Dumpy Larue–Elizabeth Winthrop and Betsy Lewin

Fun Stuff

Mystery Words I used this at the end of 1st grade when the kids could read the sentences on their own and they had a firm grasp of repeating patterns in words. It was easy for the higher-level kids, but they enjoyed it. I only made one, but I really liked it.

*Let me know if you use this or like it, I can make more. wildrumpusschoolhouse@gmail.com

Word Posters

Are your students constantly asking how to spell words? We all know telling them how to spell something doesn’t help them. In 1st grade they shouldn’t be focused on spelling anyway. My solution increased their independence and their sight word vocabulary. I filled the entire wall under my while board with words. The first list is an alphabetical list of words they were constantly asking for–but weren’t at their reading level. If they can figure out the first letter and find the picture, they can find the word. The other posters are done by subject. *You’ll need a good color printer for these, but I printed mine on cardstock, laminated them and they lasted 6 years.

Alphabetical Words
Clothing Words
Family Words
Sports Words
Popular Characters
Days and Months

Guided Reading

Last year my classes were overcrowded so I decided to try something new for Guided Reading that ended up solving my biggest GR problem–the behavior and management of the other kids while working with one group.
And it was so simple! Instead of having them reading quietly at their seats, waiting for their group to be called, I had all of them sit on the carpet in their group and I moved around the room with my box of guided reading supplies (white board, flash cards, whatever I needed). The kids sat back-to-back so they didn’t bother each other, and turned around to form a circle when I came to their group.
This worked great for me because I’ve always liked to do groups on the floor. (I’m too small to use a kidney table–I can’t reach the kids books!) The best part–for some reason it took less time and I was able to meet with every group, every day.

My 2nd favorite tip for Guided Reading: Loud Fridays.  One day a week we did Loud Reading instead of Silent Reading. On Fridays they could read with their friends, sing from their song books, and read out loud. This encouraged shared reading, increased fluency because they didn’t have to whisper and they loved it. (This is also a great day for Reading Buddies!)

Guided Reading Lesson Plans 1
Guided Reading Lesson Plans 2

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